Thank you for using my lottery application.


When the app is loading, first it trying to download the lotteries available and based on your IP or phone country location will choose the lotteries. If you don’t like what was selected, you can select and / or de-select the lotteries from inside of the app. If the app is not able to determine the location (Country / State) it will display a list of all games available for the app from all around the world.


If the lottery game is not there, the game can be added on that page by tapping on the plus sign in the top right corner or you can send an email to the developer with details and the game will be added.


In order to select the games that the user wants to play, the user can select one of the two icons:


1. The star icon is for having the game available on the main page where the numbers are generated


2. The notification icon is for receiving notification updates for that game with new results


When the user selects one of these icons, the icon will be highlighted in a yellow color. Also, it downloads all the past results to create the statistics for generating the numbers.


After the user selects the games tap on the button Select Games. This will take the user in the main app where the numbers are generated.


Main app

To navigate between the different screens of the app, you can use the drawer (or hamburger) menu from the top left corner or swipe from left side of the screen.

If this help or the text in the app doesn’t make sense please send an email to developer to correct the text.

The Home page

  The home page is the most used portion of the app. This is where the numbers are generated and most of the settings for statistics can be updated.

  The top part of the screen presents the numbers that were generated last time or when new numbers are generated. By tapping on a number a dialogue will be open to allow changes for the value of the number.

  The color of the ball doesn't have a specific significance. There are 7 colors: white, purple, green, black, yellow, red, blue.

  Under the numbers generated is the game selector which can switch between games.  Next to the selector there is a pen that the user can use to update the game settings.

For the games with known Jackpots there will be a message to show the latest Jackpot value.


In the middle of the screen there is a set of option for the user to change different statistics settings.


The first option is the star icon that can set these numbers as a favorite set of numbers that can be reused in the future and be distinct in the history page or will be available in the page with favorite set of numbers.


Second option is the button Generate numbers that will generate a set of numbers which are based on the statistics that are selected in the statistics tab and the numbers set in the tab favorite or excluded numbers.


There is a Magic wand (in the top right corner) that uses all the statistics in the same time and does multiple calculations and adjustments to generate winning numbers. This is a paid feature. User can pay for this option or watch a video to get 10 magic wand rewards.


The cart icon can set the number of times a user played the set of numbers that was generated. Based on this information the app checks the results against these numbers and it’ll inform the user how many numbers are matching. On this tab the user can set the number of times the numbers are played and the start date. After all the changes are done, tap on save button. After the game has played you’ll receive a notification letting you know how many winning numbers you’ve guessed.

The Statistics tab

Statistics tab is the most important feature of the app. This allows adjustments of the statistics as you wish. On the top of the tab is the number of results that are taken in consideration when generating the statistics. This can be changed when tap on the number. For good results when generate numbers it is good to have at least 100 lottery results. If there are more than 1000 results, it will not make too much of difference in statistics.


In the statistics tab are 5 cards with different type of statistics: the card with the average of numbers, the card with the minimum numbers, the card with the maximum numbers, the cards with the odd and even numbers.


The statistics of numbers average is calculated making an average of all balls of a set of numbers (without the extra number). If the game has at least one bonus number, in the parenthesis is the average including the extra number.


The statistics for lowest number looks at each previous set of numbers and it puts them in a chart to be able to adjust statistics and see the range on the minimum number. This is useful to see that in all the draws the minimum number is always lower than a certain value.


The statistics for the largest number look at each previous set of numbers and it puts them in a chart to be able to adjust and see the range on the maximum number. This is useful to see that in all the draws the maxim number is always higher than a certain value.


The statistics for the odd numbers looks at each previous draw and it puts them in a chart (will look like a bell). This is a setting that helps to adjust and to see the range of the odd balls. This is useful to see that in all the set of numbers, the odd numbers are most of the time in the center of the graphic.


The statistics for the even numbers (that divides by 2) looks at each previous set of numbers and it puts them in a chart (will look like a bell). This is a setting that helps to adjust and to see the range of the even numbers (that divides by 2). This is useful to see that in all the results, the even numbers (that divides by 2) are most of the time in the center of the graphic.


On each card there are 2 sliders that can be adjusted, the top one is the slider that allows adjusting the values of the statistics (Ex: the MINIMUM number statistic can define where the range for the minimum ball should be, lower than the value that is set). The second slider is to set the percentage of the values from statistics. Adjusting one slider will update the other slider.


Also, on each card there is an icon on the top right corner (the icon with vertical pipes) that opens the statistics page, with a graphics for a better visualization of statistics.


The favorite and excluded tab (the heart that is half full) allows user to set their numbers. These numbers are taking in consideration when generating numbers. The excluded numbers have the lowest chance to be drawn when generate numbers, the favorite numbers have 100 times more chances to be drawn and a number that is not in favorite or excluded numbers have a chance of 10 times more than excluded numbers. This is a paid feature or can watch a video to get 10 numbers rewards.


The last icon with dots will open a page where user can pick the numbers manually. This is a useful tool to have somebody (a child or a pet) that doesn’t know numbers to pick the numbers.


On this page there are 2 check boxes that can be changed. One is the color of balls that will switch the color of the balls between white and with colors. The second check box is to switch the order of balls to be in a random order or in ascending.

History page

This is a list of all the set of numbers that were generated or selected in the app. Also, the icons lets know if the combination of numbers has winning numbers and if the set of numbers is in the list of favorite. When tapped on the card, it will show the statistics for that set of numbers in comparison with all the results for that game. On the statistics page, for each statistic there is an icon to navigate to the statistics page that displays the graphics for that specific game.

Favorite page

It is very similar to the history page, and shows only the generated set of numbers that have the star icon enabled (added to favorite). When touch the star icon, it’ll change the state (if is favorite or not) of that set of numbers.

Statistics page

The page is very useful to see graphically the statistics for each game.


There are two options on the top of the page. The Option check box will shrink top of the page for a better visualization of the statistics and the Update settings check box that if it is checked will save changes on this page for the game selected and will be available when generate the numbers.


On the top page there is a drop down game switcher that will select the statistics of different games.


Under the game selector are options for statistics. First is a radio button that selects between the set of numbers from official lotteries and the generated set of numbers.


Similar to the Home page it is presented the number of sets that are taking in consideration for statistics. This is a value that can be changed when tap on the number. It is recommended to be between 100 and 1000.


Under the selector there is a list of tabs that can switch between different types of statistics. They are similar to the home page, but include also the statistics of hot and cold numbers for main numbers and for bonus number if available for that game.

Game options page

This page is similar to the page when the application is started for the first time. On top of the page there is a drop down selector to filter the games, by country.


The page has a list of games based on the country selected on top. It has a quick update of the games that are selected, it can update the games that are used on the main page to generate numbers or receive notifications with results and jackpots.


If the icon with the star is selected (becomes yellow) will make the game available on the home page to generate numbers.

If the notification icon is selected (becomes yellow) will show notifications of the new results and the amounts for the jackpot.


The icon with a pen in the top right is used to edit the game and change the settings of the game.


On the game edit page, there are few things that can be updated. On the top of the page is the name of the game, that can be changed. On the page is a slider that can set the number of balls that will be generated and the maximum number. Similar settings are for the bonus number. If there is no bonus number, the slider should be set to 0.


There is the same page for a new game that is not in the list. It can be added with similar settings as above and also when setting the website where the history of the results that can be loaded. Also, there are days of the week when there are new set of numbers are drawn.


Last option on the page is to delete the past official results. When click on this button, all the set of numbers for the game will be deleted from data base. This is useful when there are some issues with the history of numbers for a game.


Best way to add a new game is to send an email to developer to

Games results page

On this page are the past results for the official games. On the top is a selector that allows filtering the games results based on the country similar to the Games Options page.


The list of cards represents the results only for the last set of numbers of each game. Each card will show information about each set of numbers:  the set of numbers for that result, the date and time of the day for games that have multiple set of numbers per day. If there is a known jackpot for the next game will be displayed on the card.


When tap on the card will open a new page with a list of cards that will have the list of all the set of numbers available for that game. Clicking on a card will show the statistics for that set of numbers in comparison with all the statistics for that game. Each card with statistics has an icon with pipes to navigate to the statistics page for that specific game.

The page with the set of numbers generated and played

This page presents a list of cards with the games generated and that were used. When tap on a card will open a page that shows the numbers that have a match for the official results in the period of time the game was used.


When there is a winning set of numbers for more than 2 numbers, the app shows a notification to let the user know they have matching combination.


If you win, don't forget to help the developer maintain the app and update the results of the game. You can buy one of the paid features.

App settings page

On the top of the page there are check boxes for notification and different dialogues confirmation in the app.


If a different language is selected from the language drop down the app will show everything in that language. The default language is the language that is default in the device. It may require restarting the app (remove the app from the list of app history)


There is a setting for the size of the history of generated numbers.


There is a checkbox to change the app to be on the full screen or on a normal view (that shows the top and bottom bar with navigation). While the app is on full screen mode, when swipe from top or bottom the phone will bring the bars back to screen.


Below, there is a list of other apps from developer. Please take some time to try the applications and let good reviews or send feedback to developer.


At the bottom of the page is the version number of the app. When contacting the developer, please provide this information.

The page with buy features

This page shows a list of features available in the app for purchase. Please buy a feature to help the developer to continue the work on the app to add new features and maintain the list of games and results.


Best option is to buy all features in the app in one purchase. For all features there are 2 options, to buy them forever or to have a subscription (that may give a free try for 7 days).


The Favorite and Excluded numbers feature has two options: the 99 numbers and 6 numbers option. This allows adding favorite and excluded numbers to be used when generating numbers.


To buy multiple statistics in the same time when generating numbers are two options: to have it forever or with a monthly subscription. This feature is from the main page when the user checks the statistics that will be taken into consideration to generate numbers. Without this feature the user can select only one statistic into consideration to generate numbers.


The magic wand feature is used on the main page is used to do calculations and adjust the statistics for you and give best numbers possible for that moment. There are 2 options to buy the feature: the forever option or to buy only 10 magic wands.


All the subscriptions have a 7 days free trial. Google may require you to have a credit card on file.


All the purchases are handled by Google Play. Usually Google takes 30% of the price and the developer takes 70% of the price, after sales taxes for country / state are paid.


Thank you for reading this tutorial. I hope that you find this tutorial useful and you will have winnings using this app.


The app is to inform you on the statistics of numbers for different games in the world and doesn’t guarantee any winnings.


Please let reviews that are good for my apps in the store and share the application with your friends and your family or on social media. If you have any questions or suggestions send developer an email. I am a single developer that handles all the development and updates for the apps. Most of the updates for results are added manually by developer. If you see any mistakes send me an email and I’ll do the update.


Good luck,